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Volunteers weatherize JP homes

Groups of volunteers are coming to Jamaica Plain to help neighbors weatherize their homes.

The Boston Climate Action Network (BostonCAN) has scheduled its third “Green Minga Barn-raising” in JP for Sat., Jan. 12. Volunteers from the Boston metro area will come to Minden Street to help homeowner Yolanda Gonzalez weatherize her triple-decker for the winter.

“We wanted to replicate a old pioneer tradition of the community coming together to complete work projects that are bigger than any family could do by itself,” organizer Loie Hayes explained.

Team leaders will teach the volunteers the skills required to seal drafts in the home and potential employers in the weatherization industry will also be present for a small job fair later in the day….For more information or to volunteer, call Loie at 857-544-6846 or Catalina at 857-244-9104, or visit bit.ly/JPminga.